Waka Hourua

Raising new leaders

Waka Hourua were waka used for travelling long distances. The intent of this Waka is to journey over time with local emerging leaders in gifted education, to develop their ability to lead gifted education initiatives in their community and to support other educators.

WAKA HOURUA: Taking applications now for Term 4, 2020 and Term 1, 2021 opportunities. (Reduced fees for courses, conference attendance and personal development opportunities).
Contestable applications from Network members will provide opportunities to participate in a series of offerings focused on providing support from experienced educators to grow understanding of gifted education, to increase networking access to gifted education specialists in New Zealand, and to further develop roles as leaders in this space.

Please email giftedaotearoanz@gmail.com for an application form.

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E raka te mauī, e raka te katau.
A community can use all the skills of its people.

Contact Gifted Aotearoa: giftedaotearoanz@gmail.com