Waka Kōpapa

Leading together

Waka Kōpapa were ideal for moving small groups of people together, just as our leadership development course helps to move groups of educators along on their journey as leaders in gifted education.

For further information about the courses offered as part of this, download the Waka Kōpapa Information Sheet.



Waka Kōpapa are distance short courses supported by a gifted education specialist facilitator. These short courses are designed to help you lead in this area within your own educational setting. Each module of the course commences with a Zoom session at the time specified above. While these sessions are not compulsory, they are highliy recommended. Each module should take around 3 hours to complete.

We currently have three courses being offered in 2021:

1.  Inclusive World - from the lens of gifted (2 modules). Will be offered in Term 3, interest permitting.

2.  Learning Support Action Plan - through the lens of gifted (4 modules). Will be offered in Term 3, interest permitting.

3. Leading Together - Practical Strategies for Leading in Gifted Education. 

This four-module short course has now been adapted by its author Rosemary Cathcart to be a self-guided exploration rather than a supported course.

You can download it HERE.

An explanation of how to work through the course can be found on page 2 of the booklet. 

This course is recommended for those who have a responsibility for gifted learners in their setting. From it, you will take away practical strategies to navigate a supportive environment for the cohort of learners.

E raka te mauī, e raka te katau.
A community can use all the skills of its people.

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